The Evolution of Network Management

A market-leading global technology company disrupting an industry and taking network management tools to the next level

As network management software has evolved, so too has the configuration, maintenance, and management of those networks. CG’s client needed to provide a richer and more powerful “software-driven” toolset, allowing network management to have more control to configure and assure network performance with real-time and historical data analytics, to learn, adapt, and even detect problems before they happen.


Chobanian Group was called in to research, organize, and design the framework and user experience for a new platform that would combine services from several separate business units within the organization.

Each unit had years of insight, ideas and solutions to various network management problems. CG had worked with many of these units through the years, and had been instrumental in evolving many of these efforts that led to the current goal. Through understanding these insights and research to focus on the user demands and unmet needs, primary goals were realized and a vision emerged of an innovative network management tool that would serve as a complete user experience.


CG partnered and worked with the client at every step of the process to drive this vision to reality. The CG team first helped conduct exploratory research to co-create solutions to known and emerging user problems. In a constantly evolving field, it was important to assess the needs and desires of the end-user today as well as where the future was trending, and use this to create a product that would help the client remain a leader in the network technology industry. In addition, the CG team aligned and teamed up with project managers and engineers from each of the client’s business units at length to understand their internal goals, balance competing priorities, and filter through systems already in place.

Project by the Numbers

4000+ developers, directors, and executive stakeholders from eight business units

1,000+ pages of content, functions and utilities

1 intuitive, unified network management solution

With an understanding of the needs and constraints of all involved parties, CG and the client collaboratively implemented a single navigational hierarchy, user experience, and design language. The end-product takes form in a user-friendly utility tool to support the customer in setup, inventory management, maintenance, and troubleshooting. By the end, the CG team had worked with project managers, executives, and over 4,000 developers to help realize the vision. On the heels of years of research and learning, a baseline product was designed, developed and prepared for a soft launch— in an impressive five-month span. 


The indicators of success of the final product are the marks it makes on both the client’s organization structure and the networking world itself. Uncovering the need for a unified design language and intuitive product resulted in the client developing an internal UX brand team to support them during the future product implementation.

Within the industry, the product received an outstanding response upon launch, and continues to evolve as it rapidly gains global adoption. The technology company is continuing to take the lead in the evolution of network management capabilities, proving the benefits of a consolidated user experience and user-friendly platform. The success of the product is a testament to the collaboration, research, and vision of the combined teams. CG remains a trusted ally as the client continues to hit major milestones.

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