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Increase buyer/seller transactions and engagement in a B2B fashion marketplace

Balluun, the B2B marketplace platform for the tradeshow industry, was going through a redesign effort for one of their flagship domains: Fashion Wholesale. There were significant roadblocks in the purchasing experience, the recruiting of current and new users, and the effective increase in their wholesale buyer traffic and ordering.


Using a mixed-methods approach, drawing from multiple rounds of remote interviews and usability testing, Chobanian Group worked to collect a list of assumptions from internal stakeholders, the wholesale community, and buyers. From these assumption, Chobanian Group then developed a robust and adaptive research plan for creating a user journey map which would highlight the joys, pain points and opportunities during the buying experience.


CG research put a magnifying lens on the needs of a demographic that accounted for over 70% of the current buyers on the platform: boutique fashion business owners. Key insights were unlocked as to why the boutique fashion business owners do not place orders on the platform. Additionally, CG captured and conveyed over 30 usability issues to the design team to enhance the UI design and development. This enabled a long-term product and marketing strategy – a deep connection was forged between Balluun, Balluun's clients and the current and future customers they serve.

Primary Impact Points

  • Understanding critical usability issues
  • Actionable ways to implement and improve the experience
  • A better user experience through smarter applications
  • Effective recommendations to direct product vision
  • Better targeting of buyers and sellers


Balluun extended their purchasing experience from order capture only to complete order transition. Balluun's fashion wholesale team adjusted their marketing strategy towards boutique fashion business owners, and incorporated the usability recommendations into the final version of the B2B Platform redesign.

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