At CG, we take a powerful and well-seasoned approach to supporting our clients and their goals. Whether we're helping you manage a full process from vision to launch, or providing support for a specific effort, our approach remains consistent.

We use the following four stages to understand thoroughly, plan accordingly and execute with impact.

Step 1


Before jumping to a solution, we first explore the opportunity to expose obstacles and pinpoint challenges. We engage with all stakeholders to thoroughly understand the objectives, align on business goals, and understand risks. Next, we collect and integrate available insight, including user, brand, market and/or data that can provide perspective on the opportunity. Lastly, we develop the appropriate KPIs to help track impact and ROI.

Step 2


After thoroughly diagnosing the opportunity, we begin designing a solution that delivers the desired impact while balancing time and resources. The key to our systematic approach is the gathered insights from the diagnostic step that illuminate intentions, behaviors, and expectations. These insights enable our team to be far more creative, innovative and effective in targeting impact and designing the right-sized solution.

Step 3


During the act phase, we use best practices and an appropriate mix of Agile and Waterfall methodologies to realize the solution. At every step in the process, we work closely with all stakeholders to facilitate open collaboration and provide transparency around current progress and any obstacles.

Step 4


Once we’ve completed a project, we use focused KPIs to measure impact. The assessment process is structured to provide support and lay the groundwork for both current innovation and future evolution, allowing you to truly realize the unreasonable.