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Leadership Team (Select Photo to learn more)

The Chobanian Group leadership team is a dynamic group of professionals from many different industries and backgrounds, that have harmonized their years of experience and diverse skill sets into the power that is CG.

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Executive Leadership (Select Photo to learn more)

Areg Chobanian


Areg founded the company in 2010, and currently serves as its CEO. Under his leadership, CG has become a leading design science agency in Silicon Valley, helping Fortune 100 companies and aspirational industry disrupters innovate their products, services and organizations.

Areg’s instinctive strength is his ability to think limitlessly, eliminating boundaries by changing perspectives. Today, this has become foundational and turned into the company motto: realize the unreasonable.

A true leader who is determined to bring out the greatest potential and success in others by providing support and encouragement. Areg is focused on ensuring CG maintains integrity and highest quality of client satisfaction as it continues to adapt to ever changing needs of clients and partners.

Ty Haggerty


Ty is CG’s Chief Operating Officer, helping clients create real solutions to unreasonable problems. After spending the first part of his career in several product development leadership roles at Nortel and Cisco, Ty has spent the last 15 years leading professional services organizations that consistently deliver exceptional services to global clients.

He has two engineering degrees from Northwestern University and an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Ty suffers from an incurable DIY addiction and spends far too much time moving, building, and automating things in and around his home. He does so with the eternally patient support of his wife Kelly and their two dogs.

Wade Austin

Design Director

Wade Austin is the creative design director at CG, both managing and contributing to all creative design and production for the company and our clients. Wade is a seasoned designer with over two decades of expertise leading product strategy and execution for web and mobile across many industries.

Before joining CG, he led product design and strategy for The RealReal, a luxury e-commerce destination that grew from start-up to 4M+ users and $400M during his tenure. Previous to The RealReal, he was a founding partner at an agency in the South East, working with clients that included HGTV, DIY, Ford Motor Company, Animal Planet, Nascar, Harley Davidson, Travel Channel, Sarah Lee and The Food Network.

Wade holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and has been an adjunct professor in Digital Design at the University of Tennessee. In addition, he enjoys writing music and spending time with his wife and their 2 children.

Tyler Munger

Manager of Data Science

Tyler Munger is the manager of the CG Data Science team. Tyler is responsible for leading the Data Science team on client engagements, where he leverages over ten years of experience applying machine learning methods to complex engineering systems and products in the high tech industry. He is also responsible for driving the team’s technology strategy and developing CG’s portfolio of analytical service offerings.

Tyler holds a PhD in Information Systems from UC Santa Cruz. His research addressed the application of knowledge engineering methods to the product design, development, and delivery lifecycle of computer networking products. He also holds an adjunct faculty position at UC Santa Cruz, where he teaches graduate- and undergraduate-level courses on a wide range of topics including machine learning, product development, and entrepreneurship.

Jenn Logan

Senior Account Executive

Jenn Logan is the Senior Account Executive at CG responsible for all things sales. She oversees sales engagements and account management, while cultivating and closing new opportunities. Jenn’s passion for relationship-building allows her to uncover the business needs that connect the different CG teams with clients to positively collaborate and address those needs innovatively and with the highest possible ROI.

Her extensive sales background in technology and staffing encompasses work across multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, software, networking, security, cloud services and medical grade skin care.

Jenn holds a BS in Mathematics/Applied Science from UCLA, and was a member of the UCLA water polo team that won 3 National Championships in her 4 years on the team. When not at the office, she can be found driving her kids around to their respective sporting events.

Areg Chobanian


Ty Haggerty


Wade Austin

Design Director

Tyler Munger

Manager of Data Science

Jenn Logan

Senior Account Executive

Our Amazing Team


Anto. Marine biologist turned statistician turned data scientist. Currently in an existential crisis shifting between R and Python, while digging into deep learning (heh). Interests include playing the drums, video games, being a beer snob, and always attending the nearest rock concert.


Hi, I’m Zara, a QA/Tester. Being attentive to details, I enjoy testing web applications that are heavy on numbers. I have a wonderful daughter and spend my free time playing with her and dancing.


Hi, I am Anna, a QA/PM. I love contributing to the quality of products through coming up with cross-functional initiative and cultivating collaborative mentality within the team. My leisure time activities include piano playing, cognitive science, reading and thesaurus juggling.


Hi, I’m Dilan, a Data Scientist. From 9-5 you will find me at the busy intersection of machine learning and data visualization. Otherwise, I endure various running events, strategize board game moves, and ride the rollercoaster of emotions as a Oakland A’s fan.


Hi, I am Stepan, a .Net developer and a Team Leader. I am keen on delivering projects that stimulate out-of-box thinking, utilization of new technologies, tools and programming languages. I am creative in nature, passionate about wood carving, sculpture, tapestry and found art.


Hi, I am Yesayi, a front-end developer. While enjoying tackling my development tasks, I am also good at playing football, guitar, singing and photography. I will not miss the chance to kick a goal both in football and development.


Hi, I am Ruzanna, a passionate UI/UX and graphic designer. Along with web and graphic design, I love doing fashion and accessories design. I am a big fan of dogs.


I’m Nilo, a Product/Project Manager. I’m intrigued by the haphazard nature of life - from reconciling requirements from stakeholders, exploring technical implementations and the staying power of 80’s music. As a Bay Area native, I’ve migrated from the East Bay to San Francisco and down to Silicon Valley.


I am Avik, a universal developer.
Interests: debate, football, movies & rock.


Hi, I am Varduhi, a back-end developer. Being interested in organization of data storage, cross-module data transmission and business layer, I enjoy being involved in building solutions from scratch. My surplus of energy gives vent through dancing, practicing guitar, aikido and junk art.


Hi, I’m Alexandr, a .Net developer and a Team Leader. I am passionate about brand-new technologies and fast to integrate them into real-life applications. In my free time, I explore digital innovations, watch films and broaden my outlook through reading.


Hi, I’m Artashes, a software developer. I aim at writing code that is easily readable and efficient. I strive for detecting the issues quickly and am motivated by projects that contribute to my professional growth. I love riding bicycle and reading stories.


Hi, I am Siranush, a front-end web developer. I believe that the clarity of your code reflects the clarity of your thoughts. I love to spend my free time over long walks and reading in park. I am good at painting and fond of sand art.


Hey, I am Artyom, a .Net developer. I willingly engage in projects carrying new ideas and challenges, where there is room for growth. I play football, volleyball and bowling. I like to spend time with friends and dive into new entertainments.


Hi, I am Aram, a C# and JavaScript developer. I love developing diverse applications, regardless of the type of application. I am good at playing football. I enjoy listening to music, watching historical films and drinking beer.


Hi, I am Gayane, a front-end developer. I am enthusiastic about calling to life creative design solutions that allow to apply newly-learnt skills. I am a cinephile, good dancer, a fond of trance music, intellectual games and disc jockeying.


Hi, I’m Cynthia, a senior Program Manager that loves to work on tough, cross-functional, transformational initiatives. I also like words with many syllables. I like to travel the world, sip wine in piazzas & cafes, taking pictures of interesting people along the way.


Hi, I am Lusine, a software developer. I am very curious about behind-the-scenes specifics of implementation and operation of compilers, programming languages and frameworks. Besides my work, I love anime films, classical music and learning about the behavioral patterns of owls and wolves.


Hello, I am Ashot, a software developer. I am interested in mobile and tablet application development. At free time, I love reading scientific news and scan recent articles and movies about cars.


Hey! I'm David, a data scientist. I spend my time solving how to best interface people with the data they care about. On my off days you can catch me re-honing my drawing skills or losing money at Smash Bros. tournaments.


Hi, I'm Rekha & I enjoy utilizing data analysis, modeling, & research to provide accurate & insightful data to support key business objectives. I value open communication, collaborative effort, & personal integrity. My hobbies include listening to music, gardening & trying out new food recipes.


Hi, I am Karine, a PM. I enjoy communicating with cooperative clients that come up with clearly defined requirements. I am good at learning new languages and analytical research. I adore milk chocolate, black olives, watching football and reading, primarily philosophy and psychology.


Hi, I am Armen, an Android application developer. Image and audio processing are some of the areas I specialize in. And inbetween, I play with my smartee dog, enjoy Kabardian dances, cycling and swimming. I am very fond of comedy shows.