Knowledge is Power

We are an inspired team of business strategists, data scientists, user researchers, UI / UX designers and developers that combines research, industry knowledge and creative passion to solve complex business problems through clarity.


Search for Actionable Insight

Imagine a world where every decision is informed.

Go as deep as possible and gather as much insight as available, to support and drive the smartest informed decisions. We bring the right professionals from different disciplines and the right insights together to challenge thinking and drive innovation, and meet your business goals with clarity.

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We leverage the four primary sources of insight, to both illuminate the holistic customer experience and meet your business goals. Each of these sources contributes a unique perspective to help you achieve the highest ROI.

Company - Business strategy and mission from internal thought leadership and tribal knowledge. User - Target audience empathy from personas, user journey and feedback channels. Data - Knowledge through analytics, funnel and interaction tracking. Industry - Best practices and strategies from competitive analysis and industry research. ( less )

Our Services

Insight Driven Action

Collecting the right insight is the first step. Chobanian Group specializes in translating this into smart business decisions that drive innovation. We offer a full range of services that span from inception through full production.

Advisory Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Innovation and Strategy
  • Roadmap Facilitation
Research and Analytics
  • Data Research
  • User Research
  • Advanced Analytics
Design and Build
  • User Centered Design
  • Design Language Systems
  • Full Production and Developement

Our engagement model is flexible. We provide full project facilitation, or any of the individual services at any point in your project life cycle.


Harmony of Art and Science

Chobanian Group is made up of teams of data scientists, business strategists, designers and developers. From extensive research to creative design, each of us share the same common focus on solving complex problems with smart actionable insight.

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Our ultimate strength comes from approaching every question, discovery and solution with a harmony of these disciplines.

Business Advisors and Strategists

Our team of business strategists help realize the scope and strategy for your vision. We work with research and industry experts to evolve your goals into an actionable plan and navigating that plan fueled by target KPIs and ROI tracking.

Data Scientists and User Researchers

Our research team provides expertise in gathering the right actionable insight and analytics from both data sources and user groups, fueled by illuminating the right insight to drive innovation.

Designers and Programmers

Our production teams work to leverage insight, industry best practices, agile methodology and leading edge innovation, to ensure our solutions are aligned with business goals, fueled by creative passion.

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