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We are here to help you manage and strengthen your business. Driven by research, we provide advisory services, customer-focused research and design, technology development and flexible staffing services.

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We start by helping you learn more about your customers and their needs with a new level of confidence. Our flexible research methods, based on our proven Human-Centered-Design (HCD) practice, brings you closer to your customers. Through that knowledge, we work closely with your organization to define strategies and road-maps, design products and services, and create scalable processes, tools and policies.

Additionally, we enable you to focus on the core of your business by providing technology development services and flexible staffing solutions. Leveraging our development and staffing resources reduces risks, while increasing efficiency enabling you to achieve your goals.

  • Director - Fortune 100

    CG is the preferred supplier for our flexible staffing needs. Given how well they know our business and processes, they continuously produce the best talent with the best fit. From strategic niche needs to run-the-business personnel.

  • Director - Fortune 100

    We needed turnkey analytics and reporting capabilities to replace our existing system of home-built tools. CG led us through the entire process from requirements gathering through vendor selection through proof of concept into production and did so seamlessly. Post deployment, they continue to lead our team ensuring we stay one step ahead of our stakeholders’ needs.

  • Snr Director - Fortune 50

    CG has been instrumental in helping transform our services business over a 18 month period. They showed us how to self-fund the project and leverage company’s resources to gain greater global presence. Their strategic guidance and execution has enabled us to reduce our revenue dependency from one geographic region of 85% US based customers to 65% US based all the while growing the revenue by 20% annually. I would highly recommend CG to help with any critical project your company may require.